Template base

Background image documentation



    <div class="background-page" style="background-image:url('image-1.jpg')"></div>
    <div class="overlay-content">
        <div class="section-empty">
            <div class="container content">
                <div class="row">

Main settings

Name Type Description
Settings Information Add the background-page object in first row of body and add class overlay-content to the main content container.
Overlay pattern HTML You can add a overlay to every background, like images, videos and sliders. Insert it into <div class="background-page"> ... </div> object, in first row.

<div class="background-page" style="background-image:url('image-1.jpg')">
    <div class="bg-overlay transparent-dark"></div>

Overlay pattern documentation

Overlay pattern is a feature of base components. Complete documentation here