Features of Framework Y

The main features of the framework

Productivity and speed

The main feature, the development speed. Every component or plugin is tuned for maximize the productivity by minimize the required inputs and the code to write. All the scripts are smarts, they understand the HTML, calculate correct position, indexes, dimension and more. Every component and plugin can be used without Javascript, with only HTML, all the settings are passed via HTML attributes. Every component contain a complete sets of low-level settings and features that ensure you will not need to write custom features. With Y you will build a complex custom website in less than 24 h and a big multipurpose template in less than 100 h.

Real-time Y customizations examples

Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4


Based on the concept of modularity, Y is a set of small, independent codes scripts that represents modules, linked together for create the website. Each module has generic and the low-level functions that ensure the maximum flexibility. Modules logically grouped in multiple levels ensure an optimal structure of the code. Modularity reduce the redundancy of the code, this minimize the file size and simplify the work by maintain the same modules for different tasks.

No Javascript / JQuery

All the Javascript/JQuery of plugins and components is executed in background automatically, you not need to initialize them with a script block, your only task is to insert the HTML code of the documentation. All options of the plugins can be passed through data-options attribute, directly in the HTML code. Lots of component has been tuned to be nested between them, you can insert Google Map or slider into a lightbox, or tab into another tab, they just work.


Speed is everything, Framework Y is built for high performance websites. Differently from common templates that load large scripts and styles in few large size files, with most of unused code, Framework Y is built with a different concept: The modular structure use isolated and independent scripts and css files, every component use his personal assets and the page load only required files. Framework Y use only Lightweight, focus on performance, plugins. Every plugin has been accurately selected. Modular CSS, HTML and JS codes minimize redundancy and code size.

Themes and demos examples

Check the demos and the themes examples to see the framework in action. Every demo has been developed in about 5-7 hours, from single HTML file, included images, videos and text contents research. All demos required 0 hours of coding, only copy/paste and setting options. Below you can also check the first complete commercial template built with Y, it's available for purchase on ThemeForest.

Demo page

ThemeForest extended license

Unleash the power of the framework and produce modern and innovative templates, with Frameowrk Y - Extended license you can sell your template built with Framework Y on ThemeForest. You will be extremely faster to develop your template but in the same time you will provide high quality features and technologies to your clients. Less time for build a better product. Click the button below for more informations.

ThemeForest extended license


Inspired to Bootstrap, the Y documentation is one of the best and most complete documentations ever seen. Thinked for productivity, it is very powerful, you will love it. With a perfect organization of the contents and the inner menus you will found what you search immediately without waste of time. It is logically divided into three areas: examples, code snippets and settings. The examples will show you the live components in action. The settings area will give you all the customizations informations and the snippets area will allows you to use components within minutes.


With more than 19 title types you will found what you need. Youtube and MP4 video background, simple image, images slider and animations titles. All titles types can be full width or classic, can be static or parallax. All titles use shared features like gradual transparency on mouse scroll and always centered text.


More than 16 menu types. Side menu, mega menu, classic dropdown menu, transparent style and more. All headers can be customized with menu sections and dropdowns types. Inner menus will allow you to build one-page pages in minutes.


50+ components for most of uses. Every component is based to the best plugins available on the web, they not need any Javascript code or initialization and are provided with a full set of options. The image boxes and content boxes will help you to show all informations of your website.

Animations engine

One of the best features of Y, the animation engine allow you to crate complex animations in seconds. The triggers on scroll, on hover or on click show the content only when you want. The animation groups feature allow you to show the content in sequence and setting animation time, interval and more. The animation engine is very flexible, it is used in many components like menus, sliders, tabs, lightbox and other components. You can add new custom animations in seconds and use it with the animation engine.


Containers are components thinked for contain other components and for show the main content in different ways. Y provide 18+ containers like lists, sliders, tabs and many others components. The sections are tha basic component of a web page built with Y. All your site's pages structure should be composed only by header, title, sections and footer.


A great set of templates, constantly updated, will allow you to build advanced and user friendly web pages, combine multiple template tecnologies together and create innovative web sites. The full-page template has been tuned for maximize the productivity, menu are ready to use, sections can be video, images or slider, all contents can be perfectly centered automatically. The classic image, slider and video page templates will add creative areas to your website.

Ready pages

With the ready pages you can create a complete websites in minutes. A big set of 30+ ready pages cover all common businesses and uses. We planned to enlarge this set with many others ready pages in the next future. Stay tuned.

The WordPress version combine the power of the HTML version with the power of the Wordpress version. A dedicated page builder for build the website without any code knowledge. It surpass the limitations of current composers and combine the power of HTML version, the simplicity of a visual composer and the flexibility and power of pure code developing. Your HTML website built with Framework Y will be migrate to Wordpress version in few days.