Framework Y is the most productivity oriented
and fast to use framework for develop
modern websites

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The main features

A new way to develop websites

Unleash the power of the framework and produce modern and innovative templates for Themeforest, with Framework Y you can develop a big multipurpose template in lass than 10 days, most of work is already done like the documentation and the components. You will be extremely faster to develop your template but in the same time you will provide high quality features and technologies to your clients. Less time for build a better product. The WordPress version will allow you to convert your template in few days without write any single line of HTML\JS\PHP code, everything is ready and you need only to insert the contents with the page builder.

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A template based on the concept of modularity

Small, independent codes scripts that represents modules, linked together for create the website. Each module has generic and the low-level functions that ensure the maximum flexibility. Modules logically grouped in multiple levels ensure an optimal structure of the code.

Productivity and simplicity

Minimum Input, Maximum Output. All components require the minimum settings and work always and immediately. The components use only HTML without the need to write Javascript codes. A complete set of components, functions and templates cover almost all you will need to develop your website. A complete, advanced, bootstrap style, documentation enable you to use every feature in minutes.

Extreme productivity

The fastest and easiest way to develop a website


Copy the code from documentation and paste it on your page, done. You not need to write any Javascript code. The framework is smart, it setting and initialize the components himself. Your custom settings are inserted directly in the HTML code.

Advanced & Bootstrap inspired

Inspired to Bootstrap documentation, it’s not a simple guide but a powerful tool for build your website. The combination of codes example, installation infos and settings documentation allow to use the components in minutes.

Write less, do more

A big work has been done to reduce the code to write for integrate what you need, smart scripts analyze the HTML and show the desired output, you never need to write Javascript code, set ids, or do others boring tasks.


Speed is everything, Framework Y is built for high performance websites. Differently common templates that load large scripts and styles in few large size files, with most of unused code, Framework Y is built with a different concept:

  • Isolated scripts and css files, every component use his personal assets, every page load only required files.
  • Framework Y use only Lightweight, focus on performance, plugins.
  • Modular CSS, HTML and JS codes minimize redundancy and code size.

The fastest template

Top ratings and the smallest file size ever seen

60 KB

75 KB

The true indicator of a static website speed are the file size, with an average size of 125KB, Framework Y is the one of the smaller, therefore one of the faster, theme on Themeforest.

Comparison with the size of some best-selling theme of ThemeForest.


95 KB

205 KB

-56% SPEED


80 KB

200 KB

-53% SPEED


45 KB

155 KB

-16% SPEED


5 themes and 18 demos. Ready to use. All images, videos and contents are included.

Y Wordpress Theme